Catching the uncatchable

Out of all painting styles, I like Impressionism most of all. As a borderline between classic and modern painting, it’s characterized by the magnificence of the former and casualty of the latter. Early Impressionists tended to focus on landscapes. Painting the same view at different times of the day and year was their way of capturing the fleeting beauty of the moment. Later, the world also saw some Impressionist still life paintings and portraits. I personally think this style is universally suitable for any genre because it pays primary attention to what’s really important: light and its effects. The way we treat light also changes the way we perceive colors. And Impressionists benefited from that like nobody else. Even today, their traditions and techniques keep living in some artists’ works, reinterpreted in line with contemporary trends. One of such artists is Leonid Afremov and today I’m going to tell you a bit about this wonderful person and his work.

Impressionism today

So, Leonid Afremov is the one you can call a modern Impressionist. His paintings are both compositionally simple and technically sophisticated. Using his signature palette knife manner, he can turn even a usual street view into a firework of colors. Although he mostly specializes on cityscapes, I took a particular liking to his still lifes. You know, still life is a genre where there is very little excitement. Really, can you have any extraordinary feelings for something like a bowl of apples or a pile of books? Yes, if they are painted by Leonid Afremov! Just look at the beautiful Impressionist still life here. It’s called ‘The Music of Violin,’ and even though you can’t here it playing, you can still feel it in vibrant strokes of the palette knife. There are three main reasons why I chose this particular painting to share:

  • It demonstrates the exquisite palette and technique of the artist.
  • It is cheery and dreamy. It creates an atmosphere of coziness and elation. There is some inexplicable magic in it.
  • It reminds me of my childhood, of the house we lived in. My elder sister used to play violin, too…

Given all that, I couldn’t help buying the canvas 🙂 I hanged it in the living room, over the piano. They make a lovely duo 🙂 Every time I come into the room or sit down at the piano to tinkle a couple of tunes, my eyes get full of color. I feel like dreaming, I feel like singing and flying. This is what I call inspiration. This painting inspires me. And that’s exactly what art should do, isn’t it?